Morphological codes

POS tags

Adj adjective
Adj:col adjective, color term
Adj:nat adjective, nationality/language
Adj:Pro adjective, pronoun
Adv adverb
Adv:(Abl .. Poss .. Sup) adverb with complement in Abl .. Poss .. Sup
Adv:Pro adverb, pronoun
C conjunction
Det determiner
Det:Pro determiner, pronoun
Int/Utt interjection/utterance word
N noun
N:mat noun, mass noun (material)
N:Pro noun, pronoun
N:P proper noun
N:Pro:(PP) noun, pronoun, preceding (consonant-initial) postposition
PP postposition
Prep preposition
Q quantifier/numeral
Roman Roman numeral
V verb
VPfx preverb/verbal particle
...:Pro:Rel relative pronoun
...:Pro:Int interrogative pronoun

Verbal codes

Abil modal ('-able') participle -hAtÓ
Cond conditional
Def definite conjugation
Def? questionable definiteness
Fact causative (factitive) -t?At
Fut future tense -And
Inf infinitive
Ipf imperfect past tense -A
Mod modal -hAt
Obj2 2 pers object
P1 1st person plural
P2 2nd person plural
P3 3rd person plural
Past past tense
S1 1st person singular
S2 2nd person singular
S3 3rd person singular
Subj subjunctive
PartAdv adverbial participle -vA
PartAdv=AttA adverbial participle -AttA
PartAdv=vÁn adverbial perfect participle -vÁn
PartAdv=vÁst adverbial participle -vÁst
_PartAdv=ttOn adverbial participle -ttOn
PartFut future (passive) participle -AndÓ
PartPrf perfect (past) participle -tt
PartPrs imperfect (present) participle -Ó
Pass passive -t?Atik
_Nact=tA possessive gerund -tA
VPfx.V... verb form spelled together with the preceding preverb/verbal particle

Nominal codes

Abl ablative case suffix -tÓl
Acc accusative case suffix -t
Ade adessive case suffix -nÁl
All allative case suffix -hOz
APos anaphoric possessive -é
Cau causal-final case suffix -ért
Cmp comparative -bb
Dat dative case suffix -nAk
Dat_gen dative case suffix -nAk in genitive function
Datum date suffix -Vdika
Del delative case suffix -rÓl
Ela elative case suffix -bÓl
Ess essive case suffix -Ul
Essmod "essive modal" suffix ('-ly') -An, -Ul
Essmod= "essive modal" suffix ('-ly') -t
Essnum "essive modal" suffix -An in numerals
Fac translative case suffix -vÁ
Fam familiar plural -ék
For essive formal suffix -ként
Ill illative case suffix -bA
Ine inessive case suffix -bAn
Ins instrumental case suffix -vAl
For=kepp essive formal suffix -képp
For=keppen essive formal suffix -képpen
Mul multiplicative/iterative -szOr
Nom_gen nominative case suffix in genitive function
Ord ordinal -Vdik
Ord=Vd ordinal -Vd
P1 1st person plural
P2 2nd person plural
P3 3rd person plural
Pl plural
Pl? questionable plurality
=i possessive -i
PxP1 possessive, 1st person plural
PxP2 possessive, 2nd person plural
PxP3 possessive, 3rd person plural
PxS1 possessive, 1st person singular
PxS2 possessive, 2nd person singular
PxS3 possessive, 3rd person singular
S1 1st person singular
S2 2nd person singular
S3 3rd person singular
Soc comitative -stUl
Sub sublative case suffix -rA
Sup superessive case suffix -On
Supl superlative leg-
Tem temporal case suffix -kor
Tem=koron temporal case suffix -koron
Ter terminative case suffix -ig
Ter=iglAn terminative case suffix -iglAn
Tmp_ante temporal anteriority -jA
_Adj_Loc adjectivizer locative suffix -beli


QPtl question particle -e